Re: Is a Person One or Many?

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Mon Mar 10 2008 - 16:32:20 MDT

> There you go Stathis, do you still think I'm being unfair to Mr.
> Heartland ? Do you still think I'm exaggerating this man's opinion? He
> still thinks if you need your leg amputated you should insist it be done
> while with are you wide awake with absolutely no anesthetic, not one
> gram! This is an idea that would delight any snake handling bible
> thumping 19'th century preacher; and yet somehow, I don't pretend to
> know how, this man managed to show up in not one but two transhuman
> lists.

Hey, he has an unusual idea out of its time and place, that he
develops to its logical conclusion, no matter how seemingly absurd.
Sounds a pretty close fit to me.

> After this how can you possibly take whatever MR. Heartland says
> seriously? Tell me Stathis, do you really want to be associated with
> such a being as Mr. Heartland ?

Indeed; they start by preaching against anesthetics, and the next
thing you know, they're recommending global genocide. The connection
between one bizarre opinion and total moral bankruptcy is so totally
clear now that you've pointed it out.

Sorry to go on like that, but I do feel you're being gratuitously ad hominem.

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