Re: Value of Objective vs. Value of Subjective

From: Heartland (
Date: Tue Mar 11 2008 - 10:16:56 MDT

>> or as Mr. Heartland does and maintain that I died yesterday when
>> I went to the dentist and he put me under anesthesia so he could
>> extract a tooth and I just haven't noticed yet that I'm dead.

> While I agree with you (supposing that Heartland really does think that), like at
> least one other poster has asked---could
> you be a bit more civil? Try to focus on condemning theories,
> not people.

Condemning theories just because we don't like them is bad also. Proving theories
wrong is the right way of doing it, I think. At least we know where JKC stands on
this issue. Intellectually honest arguments are for the wimps. :-)
[The rest of this post expands on this which is even less appropriate for SL4 so
I'm putting it below (for a lack of better place) for a day or two if anyone's

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