Re: Memory Merging Possible For Close Duplicates

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Thu Mar 13 2008 - 11:03:38 MDT

> Not in the slightest... but maybe I just have a poor imagination :) I
> just don't see how you could isolate a single memory in one person's
> mind, and then zip it over to another person's mind. Human memories
> are not isolated things like they are in desktop computers. We're
> talking about something that is highly entangled with everything else
> in the mind... something I don't think you could ever separate out and
> extract without pulling up a huge chunk of the mind with it. And even
> if you *could* isolate it, it wouldn't make any sense without the rest
> of the mind around it to provide context.

Don't underestimate the capacity of the human mind to rationalise the
absurd, and find connections between the unconnectable! But it is a
valid point; that's why I started my Will-Albert merging by finding
places in Al's brain that seemed fitted for the inclusion of a Will
memory. Maybe there's a "best fit" for each new memory; a place where
Will's memeory will slide in with the least disruption (or maybe we
need to build a best fit by slightly reorganising a few of Al's
memories first).

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