Re: Why my SOLUTION is compelling (was: Re: Generic advice on friendliness proposals (was: Re: Friendliness SOLVED!))

Date: Fri Mar 14 2008 - 11:20:10 MDT

> Using matter, energy, negentropy, and whatnot that another agent could
> exploit for their goals constitutes interference. Property rights are
> a human idea that very few possible minds share.

Absolutely. It is NECESSARY for your goals and thus allowed under
Friendliness -- AND is also the reason for the clause that explicitly
disallows the subgoal of collecting resources to override the goals of

My formulation recognizes and handles this fact.

> Also, what Robin said: more math.

I'm trying (and the attempt is helping me move along) but what I suddenly
realize is that what I'm actually looking for is something solid in CONTRACT LAW which should then *GIVE* me the math.

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