Name Calling (was There's more to me...)

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sat Mar 15 2008 - 14:03:32 MDT

Slawek, thoroughly and rightfully disgusted, simply writes

> John K Clark:
>> Heartland, High Priest of the Unique Atom and Sacred Original Cult...
> As you know, this is an ad hominem attack. It doesn't add anything to this
> discussion and you shouldn't have posted it.
> Slawek

I totally concur. Heartland has said repeatedly that he is not attached to his
atoms. Just what is the point of the continued name-calling? This is one of
those cases where *ridicule* adds absolutely nothing. As I said not long ago
in another thread, that although it can be tactically successful, ridicule is
not legitimate debating, ESPECIALLY BY THE MAJORITY!

BTW, I just noticed only now that Heartland had made a slight change
to the subject line: "There's more to me than memories *but I won't
tell you what*". Only the Omega Point knows why he won't.


P.S. Would anyone replying to this please remove the parenthetical
transistion phrase in the subject line? Thanks.

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