Re: Atoms (was: Name Calling)

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sun Mar 16 2008 - 13:14:41 MDT

John writes

> Lee said:
>> Heartland has said repeatedly that he is not attached to his atoms.
> He has been all over the map on this issue. First he tried to convince
> me that atoms were not generic, talking about their "space time
> trajectories" (a fancy way of saying atoms move); and I'm not talking
> about just one post, he went on and on about it. When that didn't work
> he didn't renounce his previous position but he did change direction
> slightly and said it wasn't the atoms themselves that was important but
> the activity of those atoms. That was certainly an improvement but I
> pointed out that the scientific method can detect no difference between
> the same process happening to 2 identical atoms. I received no answer to
> this devastating criticism.

Thanks for your side of the history. You could be right. I've
never heard him say, "Oops. Sorry, mistaken about that", or
"sorry I gave the wrong impression", or "okay, the way *you*
are using words, then..." or any similar concession. But alas,
that applies to almost every bloody person on these lists :-(

> By the way Lee, I'm really curious, do you agree with Mr. Heartland that
> anesthesia is equivalent to death?

Of course not :-) On the other hand, it truly can depend on the skill of
the anesthesiologist!


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