Re: Implementation, Simulation, and Emulation

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2008 - 02:17:33 MDT

L, which I gather stands for lucassheehan writes (hey,
mind if I call you Lucas from now on?) writes a very
short but provocative post.

But he

(1) didn't give any attribution as to whose comments
      he was addressing. (They were mine)
(2) just top-posted. That is, he read the post, hit
     reply, just pecked away, and then clicked on Send.
     (Mere bottom posting is almost as bad, but if the
     OP's (original poster's) comments were brief,
     I guess that's not insulting or lazy or harmful to
     list quality)
(3) ended up thereby quoting the entire whole damn
(4) gave no reason supporting his point of view (a
     viewpoint which remains unclear to me)

Please! Can we try to keep up the list quality a bit?

Ahem, now on to the content.

> [Lee wrote]
> > Wow!
> >
> > "allow me to address what I think you're (rightly)
> > really getting to: what if the AI just dreams up a whole scenario
> > having no other referent outside its own imagination?"
> Imagination! "Its" own? That in and of itself out weighs this
> entire argument. Can of worms open.

Been on this list long, fellah? Well, if you were to read the archives
you'd find that most people here believe that an AI can be conscious.
I'm not necessarily saying that you should go read the archives, but
just what problem do you have with an Artificial Intelligence that is
conscious and has imagination? You think that to be impossible?

Welcome to the list (I think),


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