(offlist) Re: Atoms

From: Lee Corbin (lcorbin@rawbw.com)
Date: Tue Mar 18 2008 - 23:11:42 MDT

Hi Randall,

Well, I just blasted JC ten times worse than you did (not having
got to your post)

> What else is there to say, John? You've been caught
> doing this over and over, and I'm still not sure whether
> you don't bother to read what your opponents say, or
> whether you're just trolling for the kicks.
> On a separate note, could you guys move this to the
> PersonalIdentity list Heartland set up? I guess the
> list sniper is asleep at the trigger, but that's no
> reason to take advantage.

I think it's just about over. Anyway, if it teaches JC a lesson,
it will have been well worth it.


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