Re: The GLUT and functionalism

From: Jeff L Jones (
Date: Mon Mar 24 2008 - 13:06:38 MDT

On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 6:27 AM, Lee Corbin <> wrote:
> Now, what if it is revealed to you than an Alien intelligence had
> deposited this program/machine in the possession of an Earth
> person collaborator, and that the computronium based machine
> was merely doing a table lookup on all the possible 26^10000
> possible keyboard inputs? In other words, the Alien had somehow,
> perhaps by making untold trillions of copies of himself, had personally
> answered all possible 10,000 character questions, and then had
> just left the device to parrot his responses? You think it's still
> conscious?

I still don't understand why you guys are talking about GLUTs.
They're completely and entirely impossible, even in prinicple. So it
can't possibly tell you anything about the real world, or about
consciousness. It's no better than trying to answer the question
"what is consciousness?" by asking "what would jesus say consciousness
was if he were here right now?" Total nonsense.


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