Re: Friendliness SOLVED!

From: Mark Waser (
Date: Mon Mar 24 2008 - 21:08:35 MDT

>> > Before you talk about defending a planet from a better-armed alien
>> > invasion, here's a much simpler scenario: You have $1,000 worth of
>> > stuff in your pocket. A robber walks up to you with a gun, and demands
>> > that you hand over the loot. How will your Friendliness theory
>> > convince the robber to leave, without shooting you or stealing your
>> > stuff?
>> It probably won't. He won't stick around long enough to be infected.
>> Again, this is a strawman. You're inventing a ridiculous scenario
> Ridiculous? This happens in reality ALL THE TIME.

I'm sorry. By ridiculous, I meant the expectation that I should be able to
implement Friendliness that quickly on a hostile entity with other

>> and
>> demanding that I defend it. I decline to do so unless you can show how
>> it
>> is at all justified or relevant.
> An UFAI need not listen to us long enough to be infected, either!
> So let's give you more time. Someone kidnaps you for ransom, ties you
> up in the basement, and for whatever reason lets you talk to them for
> a few hours. How do you convince them to be Friendly and let you go?

I find what he is most interested in/driven by.
I show him my handy, dandy meme-map that logically proves that he should be
my friend.
He is not amused and shoots me dead having an IQ below that necessary for it
to work in a reasonable length of time.

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