Re: Hiding AI research from Bad People was Re: OpenCog Concerns

From: Jeff Herrlich (
Date: Tue Mar 25 2008 - 14:50:58 MDT

"J. Andrew Rogers" <> wrote: ...
  To me, it doesn't seem so outlandish a possibility that a government or governments of any particular type will actually come to the realization within the decade that AGI even in-principle is monumentally important - even without a powerfully functional AGI in-hand. And if that realization ever dawned, I don't find it totally outlandish that that hypothetical government would throw massive resources at the project. Perhaps picking-up from the work of other groups, or perhaps starting fresh with best ideas and a 15 Billion dollar expense account. Even if the probability was small (and that's questionable, IMO), it should still be considered carefully.
  Apparently SIAI also doesn't consider it stupid and delusional, since they've recently made it clear that they intend to "energize" the US government as another means to achieving a safe Singularity.
  Jeffrey Herrlich

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