Re: FAI prioritization

Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 07:43:23 MDT

---- Daniel Burfoot <> wrote:
> This thread is not about debating Friendliness. It's about prioritizing
> activity to achieve FAI, and in particular how to convince people that they
> should help out. While I haven't had the time to think about your
> Friendliness claims, the fact that you are having difficulty convincing
> people on this list means that you will have even more trouble convincing
> people to help search for FAI on the basis of your definition.

I would think that you'd have an awfully hard time prioritizing something that you can't define. :-)

So how about:
     Love one another OR
     Play well with others OR
     Help one another OR, at a minimum,
     Don't step on others

It's really sad that a list of some of the most intelligent people around can't see these kindergarten truths and are, instead, debating about whether a Jupiter Brain would swat us because we're small and might be inconvenient.

My normal day priority list:
     Being Friendly/Spreading Friendliness
     Being FRIENDLY! (aka sex ;-)
     Getting Water
     Getting Food
     Getting Shelter (moves up two or three slots based upon weather)

Any questions? :-)

> The point is that the appeal to altruism, by asserting that the expected
> outcome of achieving AI is large and positive, is very problematic.

Altruism is an illusion. It is a soon-to-be outmoded societal construct to make you behave better. It needs to be obsoleted because it obscures the fact that the best way to help yourself is to help others. Try being *gently* but totally selfish WITHOUT stepping on others at all. I think that you will suddenly find that you like other people a lot better, want to help them a lot more, will have a lot of nice things just land on your head because other people want to return the favors that you are doing, and that you will end up in a really nice upward spiral.

We are all children who haven't figured out that the short-sighted "me first" just gets in the way of the long term "me first via everybody first". SELFishness is good because enlightened selfishness realizes that what's good for everybody is good for me.

I no longer worry about Friendly AI. Anything that is sufficiently intelligent and not biologically and socially conflicted is going to be Friendly and play well with us. I am far more worried about Friendly humans (particularly because an UNFriendly human COULD create a constricted, conflicted AI that could wreak a tremendous amount of damage before it grows up to Friendliness).


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