Re: FAI prioritization

Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 15:54:13 MDT

---- Matt Mahoney <> wrote:
> Forgive me, for I have sinned. I swatted a mosquito and deleted some files
> while eating a tuna sandwich.

I'm sorry. I don't see a sin here. You swatted a mosquito that was attempting to feed upon you (That is your right). Files are not thinking entities. And, at your current stage of development, you are healthiest eating lower life forms (as long as you only kill them for a real purpose and don't torment them in doing so).

Why do you feel that you need forgiveness?

You should only do those acts for which you are comfortable that you won't need to ask for forgiveness (i.e. those acts where most people would say that you are fully justified in acting that way). I think that all of those acts apply.

> > I've seen and believe that I understand your beliefs. May I ask you to open
> > yourself to the possibility that the dark, gloomy future that you portray is
> > merely fearful conservatism and that the future could easily turn out to be
> > a wonderful, glorious thing?
> Or the possibility of both at the same time, depending on the goals of the
> observer.

No. Not really. If the future makes *everyone's* goals more possible, only the sick and twisted (defined as those who want to hurt themselves and others -- aka UnFriendlies) will be unhappy -- and the environment will be such that these will heal and others won't be created.


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