Re: FAI prioritization

From: Rolf Nelson (
Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 17:39:18 MDT

> This argument seems problematic to me. First, note that AI has a huge
> credibility problem. People have been crying wolf about AI for decades, and
> the media laps it up. But I still don't have a robot butler. Even things
> like face recognition are still quite difficult.

Correct, many people believe that AGI is impossible within the next 50
years, or believe that because it's not certain to happen, it
shouldn't be planned for. My belief is that people who think this way
are not "low-hanging fruit", most of them will always find an excuse
to personally ignore the problem, and so casting the net wider (that
is, to people who have not never heard the talking points) should be a
higher priority than casting the net deeper (debating people at length
who have already demonstrated an initial inability or an unwillingness
to confront the problem.) All IMHO of course, if the more veteran FAI
advocates tell me I'm wrong, based on their greater advocacy
experience, then I'll believe them.

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