Re: The role of consciousness.

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Date: Mon Apr 14 2008 - 14:08:20 MDT

"Jeff L Jones" <

> I have known several different pairs of identical twins

My older sisters are identical twins, even when I was a kid I never had
any difficulty telling them apart, although very few others could, even
our parents sometimes got confused; but the fact that I could tell them
apart, even from behind (they moved differently), must mean that the
word “identical” in the term “identical twins” is misnamed. They should
be called “similar twins”. Their personalities were not identical
either, certainly both could provide a long list of faults that their
twin has, faults that of course they themselves lacked. They are two
distinct individuals no argument.

Stuart Armstrong <> wrote

> I'm moving more towards the "ban destructive teleportation" side :-)
> The reason is simple: murdering someone who knows they are about
> to be murdered and doesn't want to be is very high on my list of
> ethically monsterous actions.

If that is what you mean by destructive teleportation, then I agree, it
would be murder most foul! However if the “original” (and I defy anyone
to define that word without talking about atoms) is destroyed before it
has time to form one conscious thought then I would walk into the
teleportation machine without a worry in the world.

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  John K Clark
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