Re: AI investment (was AGI investment)

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2008 - 09:11:32 MDT

> > But this is about the value of my money when DNA based life is replaced with
> > Jupiter brains or gray goo or whatever. I would like to survive too, although
> > "survive" isn't a well defined term in a post-singularity world. If some
> > fraction of my memories survive and are used to run a simulation of me in a
> > more familiar world, does that simulation inherit my savings? If multiple
> > copies of me are simulated in different worlds, should the savings be divided
> > equally, or in proportion to the cost of simulated living? Should I draw up a
> > contract now?
> Also, what makes you assume there will be a such thing as "money" in a
> post-singularity world?

And, more to the point, that whatever we now recognise as money will
still be "money" after a singularity?


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