Re: Can't afford to rescue cows

From: Tim Freeman (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2008 - 10:45:00 MDT

From: "Lee Corbin" <>
>Out of concern for the cows, the AI will continue
>to promote human raising of cattle. The AI we hope for will merely
>stipulate (as we should) that the cows lead pleasant lives and that
>when their lives come to an end it's quick and painless.

Actually, I agree. I could easily imagine the AI believing the cows
want to avoid suffering rather than avoid death, reengineering the
slaughterhouses a little bit to decrease their suffering, and letting
the status quo otherwise continue.

>I'd read it this way: even if the AI has concern for cows, and wants
>them to go on being bred, I hope that it will allow humans to just
>grow the tissue directly, without concurrent cow experience.

I agree there too, so long as we disregard (or fix!) the health
consequences for the humans of eating animal flesh. I was assuming
that technology was more-or-less constant in my scenario.

Tim Freeman      

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