Re: Self vs. other (was Re: Balance of power)

From: Matt Mahoney (
Date: Wed Apr 23 2008 - 15:50:15 MDT

--- William Pearson <> wrote:

> 2008/4/23 Matt Mahoney <>:

> > The distinction that humans commonly make is that if you communicate with
> > it using language, then it is not yourself.
> What exactly do you mean here by language? Are neural spikings a
> language? Pheromones of ants?

I didn't say it was the right answer. People only use language (speech and
writing) to communicate with humans (so far).

Anyway, why does it matter what "self" is? Are your mitochondria part of you?
 When you drive, is the car an extension of your body?

-- Matt Mahoney,

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