Happy Box

From: Stuart Armstrong (dragondreaming@googlemail.com)
Date: Fri Apr 25 2008 - 03:10:53 MDT

> > We could instruct our "happy box" to make us
> > deliriously happy while AT THE SAME TIME we do
> > a lot of other, productive things
> Well sure you could, but would you? I'm not sure you'd even want to.

Yes, I would want to. And if given the option, I would.

It probably depends on how the "happiness box" evolves. I'm sure you
can be ecstatically happy without turning into an drooling imbecile. It
just depends on whether the first "happiness box" offers that option,
and how long until such a one is developed.

> If you can prove me wrong about this I will be delighted!

In the words of Euler, Monsieur, (a + bn)/n = x, therefore you are wrong!

Well, I do have some evolutionary arguments as well; the world will
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eventually belong to those who can be active and happy at the same
time. Then once the technology is there, they may feel that it's their
altruistic duty to replace everyone's "drooling idiot happiness box"
with a "productive life happiness box". Or they may not; but I think
we can safely say, that there won't just be drooling idiots in our


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