Re: Unbounded happiness

From: William Pearson (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2008 - 01:04:30 MDT

2008/4/25 Lee Corbin <>:

> The speed of light limits how big an "individual" can be.
> If it conducts thoughts at the speed of light, then is the
> .1 second or so delay across the world still okay for
> a single mind? How can I think when half my brain
> needs a few seconds to get up to speed with what the
> other half has already "thought"? So, to have solar-system
> sized intelligences is out of the question.

Are you arguing for a maxium size relative to internal signalling
speed? Because if I slowed a brain down to 1 signal per day, I don't
see why it would not be able to be distributed very widely, without it
noticing (apart from the apparent speed up of the rest of the world)?

There are times when parts of our own brain act on its own, I don't
see why most of the time a distributed brain (d-brain from now on),
the sub brains should act on their own. But when the d-brain is trying
to make decisions where the time factor is not such an issue such as
what the long term future of its region of space is likely to be, it
could not be a single intelligence.

  Will Pearson

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