Re: Shock level 4 (was Re: META SL4)

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2008 - 01:06:46 MDT

Matt writes

> Thomas writes
>> Are you totally neutral about the possibility of getting shot? If no,
>> the former includes the latter. If yes, please seek psychological
>> help immediately.
> My abstract self is neutral about being shot, which my emotional self
> finds disturbing.

But after careful consideration, you are going to *act*, based on which?

Will you or won't you, after careful consideration, get the $10M
for your frozen duplicate, given that only one instance of you can

> At SL4, an upload would produce an entity with your memories that
> claims to be you.

I think that you mean that this is an SL4 question. Your statement
---as is---literally makes no sense.

Question 3: After careful consideration, will you or won't you
upload if it necessarily involves destruction of your body?

(Necessary qualifications, which should not be necessary:
99.9% of uploads prefer their new lives, no one except a
few philosophers still doubt that uploads are the same people
they were before, and many of your friends are asking you
to come.)

I'm asking YOU, the one who after careful consideration
is going to do the acting. Enough of evasions involving
"abstract self" and "emotional self". I want to know---
as I think other readers do---what you will *DO*,
after careful consideration, of course.

> Sorry, there is no right answer because there are no axioms.

No one is asking for provably right answers, Matt. In fact, no one
is asking for "right answers" period. We'd like to know what you
approve of---again, after careful consideration---and what
you think you would do, and what your reasons are or would be.


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