Re: Property rights

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2008 - 03:54:38 MDT

Stuart Armstrong wrote:
>> A) This is not remotely SL4 material;
>> B) The notion you can make food cheap (and presumably plentiful) by
>> mandating its price (regardless of production costs) marks you as
>> economically illiterate.
> Dear Samantha, it is not SL4 material, and I've already apologised for
> that. But I do feel that you are throwing out the accusation of
> "economically illiterate" a bit fast. I have not studied
> tribal/subsistence economics myself (my own readings have more tended
> to be related to international trade), but I have friends who have
> done so, and have been attended their lectures.
Well if someone seriously proposed producing a great plenty of some good
by means of arbitrarily decreeing its price to be very cheap, regardless
of actual costs, it is obvious that that is woefully ignorant as in
unworkable in reality.

> The effects of market
> reforms on subsitence economics is fascinating, and can go in many
> different directions.
Subsistence economics was not what I responded to.

- samantha

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