Re: Can't afford to resuce cows (was Re: Arbitrarily decide who benefits)

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2008 - 02:28:59 MDT

> If I was the AGI (and though more or less like I do today) and was charged
> with the ultimate well-being of all sentients then my solution would be
> simple.
> 1) upload all sentients into worlds identical to their current worlds or of
> their choice for more evolved sentients;
> 2) by design all sentients have up to the moment back-ups;
> 3) let them live by whatever rules (or defaults from their previous
> conditions) that they choose;
> 4) if they off themselves or 'die' or come to serious injury they are
> reinstate but likely without much memory of what came before but loaded up
> with issues to work through from before;
> 5) churn so each sentient becomes more and more enlightened / reaches its
> highest potential at its own pace;
> 6) interfere only as judiciously and minimally as possible to avoid forcing
> the outcome to something other than what the sentient would ultimately
> choose.
> In short a full VR multiverse with perfect reincarnation overseen by a
> fully benevolent God/Mind. Otherwise I think universal or perfect
> Friendliness is a rather nasty farce.

I like your formulation - it's clear, and interesting, and maybe even likely.

But we still have to solve the friendliness problem long before we
begin to worry about the details of that uploaded world...


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