Re: [sl4] Uploads, slavery, concerts and fair trade.

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Tue Feb 03 2009 - 03:27:41 MST

> Personally I find nothing bad about that, I'd upload in a heartbeat if I
> could, but there is no disputing matters of taste. If you don't wish to
> upgrade then don't. Oblivion awaits.

I fully intend to upload, if possible, but I don't think others should
be compelled to do so.

> But as that belief is an inherently irrational idea it seems unlikely to
> last for long in the brutal meme war of survival of the fittest, which
> is one of the very few things that will not change even after the
> Singularity. I really don't think a Jupiter Brain will give a damn if
> something is hand made or not. I'm very far from a Jupiter Brain but
> even I know that's dumb.

You seem rather confident on what a Jupiter brain will or won't want
to do. Jupiter brains dedicated singlemindedly to the production of
paper-clips are concievable; why not then Jupiter brains single
mindeldly dedicated to the protection of standard humans? We are not
now in anything like a "brutal meme war of survival of the fittest",
so what you are descibing is something extra post-singularity, not an
extrapolation of the present.


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