Re: [sl4] Uploads, slavery, concerts and fair trade

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Tue Feb 03 2009 - 03:52:07 MST

> Ridiculous. You are listening music or argueing levity when you should be
> argueing life versus death.

I am arguing life versus death. Economic facts in the third world are
matters of life or death, and standard humans might become the
post-singularity third world. And the few example we have of objects
where provenance really matters are niche, hippy sounding idea. It
doesn't mean they can't be generalised.

> Let's start at creating a VERY robost system where people have inalienable rights. All people. And then link
> those inalienable rights to legal tools. And then allow all people, no matter how despicable, access to guarantees.

And would that be practical after mass uploading? Would government
rules be much harder, or much easier to enforce? If the economics are
set up to avoid the problem in the first place, then that will work,
whether cohesive governments are possible or not.


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