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Date: Wed Feb 04 2009 - 10:32:56 MST

On Wed, 4 Feb "Stuart Armstrong"
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>What does smarts have to do with motivation?

Almost everything. One reason stupid people donít do the same things
that smart people do is that those actions just never occurred to them;
you canít do something if you never thought to do so. And expecting to
keep a mind astronomically more powerful than your own under your thumb
for all of eternity in not smart.

>Why would it not be able to conceive such a thought
Because according to you all this thing knows about and all it cares
about is making paper clips. I wonít get into an argument over whether
itís a brain or not but itís certainly not a mind. We can make a machine
right now that can make paper clips better than any human being, but
that doesnít mean weíve solver the AI problem. The defining
characteristic of a mind is being able to do lots of different things.

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  John K Clark
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