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Date: Thu Feb 05 2009 - 09:35:55 MST

On Wed, 4 Feb 2009 "Randall Randall"
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>if there are two, then they cannot be the same thing,
>because then there would be ONE, not two.

That sort of arithmetic works really well for nouns, but it doesnít work
worth a damn for adjectives;
there may be two red cars but there is only one red and only one two.
Your third grade English
teacher got it wrong, Randall Randall is an adjective.

If you insist you are a noun then in a very short time you come to
absurd conclusions, like every atom in your body somehow has your name
scratched on it even though the scientific method canít detect it, and
every single atom you ate or breathed in your entire life also just
happened to have your name on it, and for some unexplained reason every
atom you pissed out did not have you name scratched on it. The only
other alternative is to stop even pretending to be scientific and become
a Bible thumper. If you insist
you are a noun then you can be unscientific or antiscientific, there is
simply no other alternative.

I am quite serious, if you take your ideas and the naÔve ideas most
people have about these things as a premise then within an astonishingly
short chain of reasoning you run into absolute absurdities.

>If you separate them, and show one
>the number 456783221 [blah blah]

As Iíve pointed out 456,783,221 times over the years if you do that then
the two ďidenticalĒ copies are no longer identical; one has a memory the
other does not have with an accompanied physical change in the brain.

 John K Clark

  John K Clark
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