[sl4] Re: Uploads coming first would be good, right?

From: Filipe Sobreira (warlordbcm1@yahoo.com.br)
Date: Thu Feb 05 2009 - 10:31:01 MST

They are identical indeed, but not the same person. My thesis is: two things are the same if, and only if, every physical observer in every moment agrees on that. The problem with 'nanoclones' and uploads is that all observers in the world may share the same belief that they are indeed the same person, based on their own perceptions and on the fact that they share the same characteristics. But this ignore the simple fact that the person in question is an observer also, and they DO NOT agree on the fact that they are the same person. I can prove that by the 'poke test', an useful mind experiment I've saw on another list. Its very simple, you just poke your would-be exact copy. Thats it. If you managed to poke it, its because its not you. You did not feel the poke on you back, you both share all the same characteristics and physical properties, except, at least, of your own first person perspectives. If you arbitrarily deny or just ignore the
 uploaded/nanocloned observers perpectives then its perfect reasonable to ignore everybody else's. The poke test is similar to the 'pont at yourself'. Its reasonable to assume that each one will point at himself, since they'll share the same mindstate. But its unreasonable to assume they'll at point himselves AND at the other, since the other is not him, in his own perspective. So, my take on this is that uploads and 'perfect nonacopies' or anything like that are just fancy ways to create another person (even if the new person created firmly beliefs that he is 'you'), not tools to immortality, or stuff. Just my 2c, Filipe Sobreira "Adtollite portas principes vestras Et elevamini portae aeternali Et introibit rex gloriae. Quis est iste rex gloriae?" (Psalm 23(24):7–8a) ________________________________ De: John K Clark <johnkclark@fastmail.fm> Para: sl4 sl4 <sl4@sl4.org> Enviadas: Quinta-feira, 5 de Fevereiro de 2009 13:44:13 Assunto: Re: [sl4] Uploads coming first would be good, right? Me: >> How on earth did you make that deduction? If you asked both >> of them "are you Stuart Armstrong?" they would both say yes. >> What more could you ask? "Stuart Armstrong" <dragondreaming@googlemail.com> said: > Ask them to "point at yourself" They are identical and both received the same input, so they would both do the same thing, they would both point at Stuart Armstrong. What else did you expect? John K Clark -- John K Clark johnkclark@fastmail.fm -- http://www.fastmail.fm - Access your email from home and the web Veja quais são os assuntos do momento no Yahoo! +Buscados http://br.maisbuscados.yahoo.com

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