[sl4] NEWS: Transhumanism Answers Critics - Feb 6 2009 Issue

From: Natasha Vita-More (natasha@natasha.cc)
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 10:56:57 MST

The Global Spiral Special Issue: "Transhumanism Answers Critics"
"In The Global Spiral's 2008 "Special Issue on Transhumanism", Guest Editor
Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and five other authors, Ted Peters, Katherine Hayles,
Don Ihde, Jean-Pierre Dupuy, and Andrew Pickering, provocatively relay their
concerns about transhumanism to expectant ears. This responsive second
Special Issue on Transhumanism is an opportunity for ten transhumanist
authors to evaluate the criticisms and address concerns. This reflection is
beneficial in helping us more precisely clarify interpretations of
transhumanism and identify where our own words may have been mistaken.
"The philosophical worldview and social movement of transhumanism has the
benefit of existing while many of its pioneers are still living. This makes
it more accommodating for those unfamiliar with transhumanism to investigate
and argue its tenets with the most recent writings at hand. Rather than
searching endless databases for bibliographical references and out-of-print
books in gathering evidence of who did what, when, and where, researchers
can easily locate people though Google and send an email or make a call.
Why the authors of the "Special Issue on Transhumanism" in The Global Spiral
did not do this is a curiosity. Nonetheless, their six essays present a much
appreciated opportunity for developing discourse on transhumanism."
Natasha Vita-More
Guest Editor The Global Spiral
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