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Date: Mon Feb 09 2009 - 10:24:14 MST

On Mon, 9 Feb 2009 "Krekoski Ross"
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> The atoms themselves weren't teleported, only their states

And here we have it, “only their [quantum] states” moved not “The atoms
themselves”. That last is a revealing phrase, even in the absence
quantum states you think all atoms have a unique property that no other
atom has, even though the scientific method can not detect it. There is
a word for that mysterious property but I can’t seem to remember it
right now.

You were going on and on about quantum states and entanglement and how
that is the reason 2 atoms are not the same, but when I give an example
where every last one of those states are transferred it’s still not good
enough for you, “something” is still missing. Of course you don’t say
what that “something” is. Now I remember the word I couldn’t think of
before, it’s “soul”.

Yep, it could only be the atom’s soul. I don’t believe in souls, not for
atoms and not for me. After your above remark you have no business
bringing up quantum states as any objection to my ideas because clearly
that is not the root of your disagreement. I very much doubt any
rational idea is at the root of it.
I think this is the final proof that people don’t study physics and from
that deduce that uploading and spare copies won’t work, rather they
decide that they won’t work and only then look for reasons to support
their view and of course ignore reasons that show that view to be

Please explain how the universe would be one bit different if the “atoms
themselves” had been teleported and not just (JUST?!) their states.
Not the atoms themselves, what a load of crap!

 John K Clark

  John K Clark
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