Re: [sl4] 'Ethical' uploading

From: Petter Wingren-Rasmussen (
Date: Thu Feb 12 2009 - 03:22:48 MST

On 2/12/09, Johnicholas Hines <> wrote:
> 4. Right now, I think animal abuse is not high on our collective list
> of priorities. But there is an expanding circle, and we may take
> animal abuse more seriously in the future.

It is interesting to note where it is high on our collective list though..
I dont know of any societies where eating dolphin is socially acceptable,
not very many eat whale-meat. A majority kill pigs for food although they
are pretty intelligent,
and a large minority eat dogs. Very few species are eradicated on purpose
though, although attempts have been made (ie sparrows in china, during the
60s or 70s i think).

Hopefully a future AI/uploaded civilization will look upon ortohumans (term
from C.Strauss - orthodox, non-modified human) the way we look on dolphins.

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