[sl4] FAI development within academia.

From: Roko Mijic (rmijic@googlemail.com)
Date: Sun Feb 22 2009 - 15:20:13 MST

Since I've been lurking in the h+/AGI community for a while without
reading SL4, I'd like to know what the general opinion of this
community is on FAI development within, or in collaboration with the
mainstream of academia.

Now, the current situation is that there is at least a conference on
general intelligence, and a very small community of researchers doing
research on the subject of general AI.

One way to hasten the development of FAI is for me to seek to do
research within academia. A disadvantage of this strategy is that
academia is an open community, and anyone can potentially look at the
results that the field is producing and use them to create uFAI.
Eliezer has outlined some other problems with academia in the
following SL4 post:


Another possibility is for SIAI to seek to keep the most important
aspects of AGI development mostly secret.

Is SIAI adopting this mode of operation (i.e. internal research)?

This has the disadvantage that a small community of researchers will
be less creative and more susceptible to groupthink than the entire
international research community. "Closed innovation" vs. "Closed
innovation" comes to mind here:


Now, I'm at a stage where I need to decide to what to do with my life,
so a bit of advice on this would be appreciated. Perhaps the list has
already discussed similar issues ("I want to help out with FAI
research, what do I do?" etc)



Roko Mijic
MSc by Research
University of Edinburgh

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