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Date: Sat Feb 28 2009 - 14:08:50 MST

There has been little research into the theory of intelligence-in-general
(non-anthropomorphic general intelligence) and recursive decision theory. (I
know of the work of SIAI affiliates and Schmidhueber-Hutter-Legg. If
there's more, I'd appreciate bibliography.)
Adding an incremental contribution to the limited existing work (which is
how most science is done), would be valuable in its own right and as a way
of raising the profile of this area in academia. Depending on how far you
go, this would not be revealing secrets, although I suppose that just
increasing the size of the field could be a risk..

If done right, the research could be connected to some existing field, at
least to the point where publication is possible.


On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 12:20 AM, Roko Mijic <> wrote:

> Since I've been lurking in the h+/AGI community for a while without
> reading SL4, I'd like to know what the general opinion of this
> community is on FAI development within, or in collaboration with the
> mainstream of academia.
> Now, the current situation is that there is at least a conference on
> general intelligence, and a very small community of researchers doing
> research on the subject of general AI.
> One way to hasten the development of FAI is for me to seek to do
> research within academia. A disadvantage of this strategy is that
> academia is an open community, and anyone can potentially look at the
> results that the field is producing and use them to create uFAI.
> Eliezer has outlined some other problems with academia in the
> following SL4 post:
> Another possibility is for SIAI to seek to keep the most important
> aspects of AGI development mostly secret.
> Is SIAI adopting this mode of operation (i.e. internal research)?
> This has the disadvantage that a small community of researchers will
> be less creative and more susceptible to groupthink than the entire
> international research community. "Closed innovation" vs. "Closed
> innovation" comes to mind here:
> Now, I'm at a stage where I need to decide to what to do with my life,
> so a bit of advice on this would be appreciated. Perhaps the list has
> already discussed similar issues ("I want to help out with FAI
> research, what do I do?" etc)
> Best,
> Roko
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