Re: [sl4] FAI development within academia.

From: Vladimir Nesov (
Date: Sat Feb 28 2009 - 17:30:37 MST

On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 1:57 AM, Roko Mijic <> wrote:
> (3) Today there are about 100 people in the world working on AGI in a
> vaguely serious way, as far as I can tell, and we shouldn't hold our
> breath for AGI any time soon unless much more good quality research is
> done. The number of implemented systems numbers about, well,
> scratching the bottom of the barrel here, 4 that I can think of.
> (Novamente, NARS, SOAR, ACT-R). For comparison, in my day job CS
> research, there are about 50 implemented ontology mapping systems...

I won't look at it so optimistically. Machine learning is actually
moving towards AGI, they just mostly don't realize it. ;-) As the
inference algorithms and representations become more powerful, at one
point they may produce something dangerous. And it's not 100 people,
it's a mainstream effort.

Vladimir Nesov

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