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From: Max Comess (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 15:36:35 MDT

The IA I was thinking of was totally software based. Of course neurosurgery and imlants are something I want to do,
but I think that those will probably not contribute significantly to this process (of Intelligence Amplification) until they become cheap enough. However, wearable computing is coming online, along with flexible displays and the like they will provide ubiquitous universal computing, which is a Very Good Thing (VGT) and of course increase (Amplify) intelligence. To me it seems that if we are able to create this Intelligence Amplification net, that the singularity should result from it within a few years (months?) And of course as more IA subsystems are added, the thing will only grow more powerful and more useful (and attract more users, which boosts it's hardware performance) IA is good because it helps manage information for the users and developers, which create better systems. These advances in IA also provide tools that will help the system understand more and more. The human users of IA systems are really just isolated intelligent agents. Their knowledge is what we need to tap into and network into a huge meta-neural net. Think of it as a Group Mind without telepathy.

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> Gotcha. What sort of IA did you have in mind? Agents? Actual
> neurosurgery? Wearable computing? You know the only way to do *real*
> IA is through neurosurgery or implants, and we have the rudimentary
> technology right now, actually. I hate to sound blindly optimistic,
> but there is a chance that we could cause a Singularity in A FEW YEARS,
> don't you agree? Let's hurry up and get it over with! Can you give me
> the names of others who will be involved in your project and your
> project outline, when you are confident with it. If you want me to
> spend a little bit of time researching something or writing a webpage,
> just ask: but make sure that it's worth my time. Thank you, and good
> luck!
> Michael Anissimov
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