arrogance is illogical

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Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 03:20:00 MDT

> some people. Saving the world is way too much.

There is some truth to that, reminds me of a quote posted on Elizier's
website about Eric Drexler admonishing people to "keep the bullshit level

If you can really save the world, great, but the worst thing you can do is
say it as plainly as that. I assure you nobody is going to wave their hands
in the air praising allah for your birth, mostly they will see you as an
impostor, a mad person, and try to ruin things for you.

As for this whole business of whether everyone thinks that Elizier's
arrogance is right/wrong/acceptable, I remember someone wanting to charge
money for idle speculation. At least speculation may give rise to some new
idea; talking about people's attitudes really gets you nowhere.
But since everyone's having fun for free I thought I may jump in,
additionally you can argue that if Elizier really has a chance to save the
world then his public image is an asset that we should protect so let it be
known that my opinion on arrogance is ...... (Know that I have nothing
against Elizier in particular but I am only describing facets of a
particular human heuristic, of which I too am sometimes a victim)
(1) arrogance is weakness. It arises from you not having enough internal
emotional energy or inspiration or things to do, to refrain from gaining a
free dopaminic ride by exalting yourself to the world. It arises from you
not having enough internal emotional energy or inspiration or things to do,
to overcome the distressed caused to you by others not understanding things
in your particular field of expertise and to prevent letting your genes
redirect your efforts from "create cooperation and understanding" to
"enhance your social status among the other 199 members of the tribe".
Someone with low internal energy WILL inexorably fail in other areas that
demand discipline.
Giving in to arrogance is illogical as it allows disruption of the goal
(2) Elizier is very smart there is no doubt about that. I think Elizier can
go to a local bar and be the brightest guys as can lots of the people on
this list (but the bar people wouldn't notice, and we could still learn a
thing or two from them about the "normal world"). However: being arrogant
about one's brightness with sl4 members who are not only all extremely
bright but also should be thinking about solving a common problem and
cooperating, is futile, and can only bring about idle rethoric and IQ
tournaments and take discussions from a rational level to a personal one. So
Bayes should condemn display of the theory "I am smarter" as it has a very
high likelihood of producing negative utility; he also should condemn the
misguided application of the theory on a very different data set than that
from which it was generalized.
(3) Someone who thinks every day about AI, especially about seed AI and
recursively improving intelligence, should be extremely humble about the
potential of one single human no matter if that human owned half of the
world or invented calculus. Blind faith in a human brain's cognitive
abilities is illogical and misplaced.
(4) Additionally, our IQ level is determined by upbringing and genetics,
factors over which we have no control or merit. The predisposition to any
voluntary self-study or self-improvement is also a direct effect of these
external factors. Therefore bragging about one's IQ is bragging about a
natural science fact such as "the sun exists". Bayes condemns it as it is an
illogical request to be rewarded for something over which one has no

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