Robotic advances (and call for authors)

From: Tyler Emerson (
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 10:10:55 MDT

>From Julie Hillan:


Hi all.

I'm in the process of developing a little online Web space/community called
frontiernumber4 (FN4), geared toward students and researchers interested in
Embodied Intelligent Agents (EIA) and Socially Intelligent Agents (SIA). One
facet of the site is the Magazine...and I desperately need some content (big
thanks to Ben Goertzel for the first contribution, online now)!

Looking for well-written essays, editorials, book reviews, feature articles,
scholarly pieces, regular contributors or one-time contributions.


...And also the Magazine page for more info. about guidelines:

Unfortunately, I am without outside funding and cannot offer financial
compensation for any articles published to the site, but I am happy to link
to your personal Web page/site in the article. I do have a few people
committed to contributing content, but have not publicized the site yet (on
specialized listserves and newsgroups, etc) because I would love to get some
solid articles in place. Please contact me directly with any questions,
comments, etc.

You'll also notice the People pages on the site, where you can sign up (its
free) and submit some profile information so other FN4 members can search by
name, location and research interest. As I said, haven't publicized the site
yet so its barren - this is actually only my second listserve announcement -
but I certainly welcome any interested potential members to sign up (its
free), volunteer or contribute content. Thanks!

Julie Hillan

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