RE: Nonlocal correlations between separated neural networks

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This suggests that the aims of the Global Consciousness Project aren't as
unscientific or New Age as critics have made them out to be.

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>FWIW, some old news:
>From: Proceedings of SPIE -- Volume 5436
>Quantum Information and Computation II, Eric Donkor, Andrew R. Pirich,
>Howard E. Brandt, Editors, August 2004, pp. 107-117
>Nonlocal correlations between separated neural networks
>Rita Pizzi and Andrea Fantasia
>Fabrizio Gelain
>Danilo Rossetti
>Angelo Vescovi
>(published online Sep. 3, 2004)
>In recent times the interest for quantum models of brain activity has
>rapidly grown. The Penrose-Hameroff model assumes that microtubules
>inside neurons are responsible for quantum computation inside brain.
>Several experiments seem to indicate that EPR-like correlations are
>possible at the biological level. In the past year , a very intensive
>experimental work about this subject has been done at DiBit Labs in
>Milan, Italy by our research group. Our experimental set-up is made by
>two separated and completely shielded basins where two parts of a common
>human DNA neuronal culture are monitored by EEG. Our main experimental
>result is that, under stimulation of one culture by means of a 630 nm
>laser beam at 300 ms, the cross-correlation between the two cultures
>grows up at maximum levels. Despite at this level of understanding it is
>impossible to tell if the origin of this non-locality is a genuine
>quantum effect, our experimental data seem to strongly suggest that
>biological systems present non-local properties not explainable by
>classical models.
>(c)2004 COPYRIGHT SPIE--The International Society for Optical
>Engineering. Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use

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