Re: blacklight brainchild [Humour]

From: Michael Wilson (
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 16:24:33 MST

Phil Goetz wrote:
>> I just came across this AI research (alternative
>> intelligence) from Dr. Randell L. Mills. including a patent
>> application. It's way beyond me to understand, but it might
>> just be of interest to someone on list.
> I would assign lower prior odds to the hypothesis that he has made
> breakthroughs in both AI and QM, than to the hypothesis that he is a
> crank.

For more fun, go here; . Someone who
claimed strenuously not to be at all associated with the author
contacted me out of the blue and tryed to convince me that this was
a good idea, and when I suggested that it was a load of nonsense
responded 'but look at his qualifications!'. Let's see... family
guidance councillor, writes self-help books, claims to have solved
FAI and AGI based on his underlying absolute morality theory of
'multi-level value hierarchy of metaperspectives', has a worthless
US patent on AGI/FAI which contains '320 virtuous terms'. The bit
that really cracked me up was;

'With such ethical safeguards firmly in place, the AI computer is
 formally prohibited from expressing the corresponding realm of
 the vices, allowing for a truly flawless simulation of virtue.'

I guess the word 'formal' means the exact opposite of what I
thought it meant :) Marc Geddes may need to license this patent...

 * Michael Wilson

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