Einstein, Edison, & IQ

From: Phil Goetz (philgoetz@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Nov 11 2005 - 11:19:58 MST

--- Tennessee Leeuwenburg <tennessee@tennessee.id.au> wrote:

> I think it's a quote of Einstein's that "whatever your troubles in
> mathematics may be, I assure you that mine are still greater".

An appealing notion - but look at the equations for general
relativity and then say that with a straight face.

Edison, however, I would say apparently did not understand math
well. When I was at Edison's lab in New Jersey, they had on
display Einstein's book "On Relativity". I remember thinking,
when I read it, that it was a marvelously clear explanation of
special relativity. Edison, however, had written a comment after
the close of the most important chapter to the effect of, "Yet
another genius who does't make a bit of sense in print!"

> doesn't
> seem to be an obvious correlation between IQ and atheism, for

I don't know if it's "obvious", but it is documented.

See http://www.objectivethought.com/atheism/iqstats.html
for a review. From my brief perusal of that page, it appears
that the mean IQ score of atheists is over one standard deviation
above the mean score of "believers", with the result that believers
dominate the IQ under 110 region (around 90% believers at IQ=100),
while atheists and agnostics dominate the IQ range of 140 and up
(around 80-90% atheists-agnostics at IQ>140).

- Phil

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