Re: IQ - A cautionary tale (Re: The ways of child prodigies)

From: Marieke Willis (
Date: Fri Nov 11 2005 - 12:28:16 MST

>Tennessee wrote:
> I would be interested in quizzing people of very high IQ (say another
> standard dev. above) about what that's like, how their perception of
> ideas works etc.

You go first. You go and explain to someone with an IQ of 115 what your
IQ of 130 is like...

I'm wondering whether it's like explaining to a person that's always
been blind what colors are like, or whether it's actually possible.
It's obvious that someone with an IQ of 130 explaining his perception
of ideas to a person with an IQ of 70 is not going to work, but how big
can the gap get before it becomes impossible? I don't know. However, I
do expect that as the gap increases, less and less will be understood
correctly. Then, there's still the issue of probably not everyone with
the same IQ perceiving ideas in the same fashion.

Marieke Willis

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