Re: Einstein, Edison, & IQ

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 13:50:35 MST

  IQ scores at any stage of a person's life are one variable affecting AGI programmer suitability. But (relatively) low SAT and Mensa test scores do not conclusively indicate the absence of genius, and many high scoring individuals are not geniuses.
    SIAI has chosen not to go open-source likely for a very good reason, so "AGI schools" are not feasible. Aptitude tests have their own biases. Couldn't one or more AGI tests be brainstormed and written by active AGI researchers or administrators to offer some measurable AGI skill ranking of AGI research candidates? A detailed study guide comprising textbooks freely available online; something like what SIAI has already listed in one of Eliezer's essays, but with links posted too, would help increase the potential pool of AGI researchers.

Richard Loosemore <> wrote:
    Phil Goetz wrote:

> I'm confident that Newton, Einstein, and Leonardo would have had
> above-average SAT scores. Certainly on the mathematical. :)
> - Phil

Oh, no: I am sure they were above average, but my point was, would you
necessarily have identified these folks as utter geniuses when they were
kids, or when they were in college, even? At least two of them had big
issues with exams.... up to a certain stage in their lives, they didn't
look that great.


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