Re: Einstein, Edison, & IQ

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 17:01:51 MST

Potential cheap researchers who are without google but with math textbooks or enough secondary school education to Ramanujan their way to an AGI precursor state of mind, do exist. If IQ really is a limiting variable, international recruiting efforts should solve this. There are maybe a billion people with internet access. But there are maybe two billion others without google but with some secondary education. I figure high-IQs from half of this group have not yet been discovered by higher education facilities. There are a few creative ways to recruit them. In the later stages of an AGI effort costs can be saved by utilizing lower-level programmers residing in India (though a decade from now there will probably be a better cost savings in another nation).
  Personally, Bova's "Immortality", Kurzweil's "TAofSM", the Extropy site and the Alcor site introduced me to H+ thought half a decade ago. At the time, I thought AI and MNT might be something interesting to worry about in four decades time, and then moved on to microfinance and other subject areas. It was only after researching my own timelines in 2004 that I became converted. Mass media ensures the AI meme is known, but perhaps future "tunnel vision" rather than IQ plateaus, are the greatest personnel filter. It is ironic that I had spent much of my youth studying finance and economics only to turn to MNT, which has the effect of obliterating economics. Giving up pre-H+ vested identity might be too hard for some potential AGI staff.

  justin corwin <> wrote:
  The selection effects for AGI researchers are harsh, and I don't
expect that hiring will be easy. But people who are smart, interested,
and knowledgeable about these things are more likely to be in the
transhumanist community than elsewhere. Why would such hypothetical
people not seek out such things? Unless they were dissatisfied with
the culture to the point of self-isolation, which seems unlikely, the
only other explanation would be future-shock, which would tend to
limit their effectiveness as researchers, I should think.

I'd be interested in hearing other comments or thoughts on this.


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