From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Sat Dec 24 2005 - 15:55:29 MST

The multiverse can be described as a Type VII civilization then. Creating potential hell-scenarios is evil, regardless of how interesting they are. This is also the main point against the simulation argument. If you want to temporarily leave your memories behind for a few decades of living in an inert simulation (where all the inflicted evils aren't real, like a sort of holodeck) because you are bored, fine. But if you want to create singularity takeoff from a laboratory in Munich in a 2030 world where Hitler did not allow the Dunkirk evacuation and where he never attempted Barbarossa... you should have gotten coal for X-mas instead of that shiny new ontotech-multiverse toy. Evil does not need to exist for diversity to be.

pdugan <> wrote: Now consider that upon reaching Type VII status, a civilization is capable
of intelligently designing universes, one would think a degree of moral
responsibility would accompany this. I suspect, however, that Type VII
ontotech wouldn't create single universes in an intentive, rule-based model,
in analogy to the way most commercial videogames are designed. Instead, entire
multiverses would run as evolutionary ontotech programs, akin to the model of
black hole baby universes promulgated by Andrei Linde; such a system would be
in analogy to paidic games such as "Sim City", where randomization algorithms
can produce many initial conditions which result in the emergence of many
"rule-sets" appropriate to the different contexts and player intentions. Put
simply, a Type VII civilization may run its ontotech off of a chaotic basis
capable of generating unlimited universes, instead of an intelligent design
model capable, by definition, of generating only a finite number of universes.
Such a model implies a distribution of probability from the simplest voids to
interesting, life-supporting universes like ours, which may in turn produce
singularities and resulting Type VII civilizations.

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