Re: Atoms

From: Heartland (
Date: Mon Mar 17 2008 - 16:04:08 MDT

>> "Identical processes happening in identical atoms?" I have no idea what
>> that means.

John K Clark:
> What word didn't you understand?

I understand all the words but the sentence you constructed using them is
mysterious. What does, "in identical atoms," mean, for example?

>> Are you talking about moving electrons?

> No, I'm talking about something much more general. I'm talking about any
> process the scientific method cannot tell apart happening to any atoms
> the scientific method cannot distinguish between;

Then you're talking about different kind of processes because the processes I'm
talking about can be distinguished quite easily.

> in short I am talking
> about identical processes happening to identical atoms.

Oh, so you corrected your original sentence from, "in identical atoms," to, "to
identical atoms." That's better. Still, though, you can't seem to comprehend why
you could have the same process using different atoms and different processes using
the same atoms. At some point you need to realize that identity of a process is
orthogonal to identity of atoms used by the process.


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