Re: Atoms

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2008 - 01:54:24 MDT

Heartland posted a one line reply to JC:

>> Sober up.

Are you guys trying to draw the fire of a list sniper? Please
don't. Once one of those people gets his gun loaded and
dispatches one thread, he usually turns his sights on another.

BESIDES, I do not like my time being wasted reading one
line stupid insults or replies to stupid insults like

> Good advice , very very, good advice, and soon I will undoubting do so,
> at least try to do so. I do have this massive headache. I don't claim to
> be so drunk and be so astronomically stupid that I think you are smarter
> than me. I just know from personal experience you are unlikely to prove
> me wrong.

which has no content. You guys do understand what *content*
means, don't you??


P.S. Perhaps an off-line reply would be best to a number of us,
instead of messing with this silly name-calling any more.

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