Re: Property rights

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Thu Apr 24 2008 - 04:40:04 MDT

> A) This is not remotely SL4 material;
> B) The notion you can make food cheap (and presumably plentiful) by
> mandating its price (regardless of production costs) marks you as
> economically illiterate.

Dear Samantha, it is not SL4 material, and I've already apologised for
that. But I do feel that you are throwing out the accusation of
"economically illiterate" a bit fast. I have not studied
tribal/subsistence economics myself (my own readings have more tended
to be related to international trade), but I have friends who have
done so, and have been attended their lectures. The effects of market
reforms on subsitence economics is fascinating, and can go in many
different directions. I therefore believe the position I stated - that
when the entire economy is subsistence level, a command economy can
function fine - is correct. Of course, this is easier for smaller
economies, and "can" is the operative word here.

Anyway, enough on that subject,

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