RE: impotent disorganized gods?

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Mon Dec 26 2005 - 01:05:51 MST

I'm not trying to derail your vision. But I don't see in what meaningful way the multiverse is infinite. The branching off of worldlines is limited by physical constraints. The most obvious one is the speed of light; no particles will branch off so that their co-ordinates exceed it, there are other limits. The total number of worldlines in the distant future may be a large finite number or even infinite, but their volumes and/or bounded complexity (including the sum of the value of their conscious beings) will probably not be. I still don't see a mechanism for plain old (modified) utilitarianism to be circumvented. "Gods" existing outside of our universe won't be formed of carbon-based brains and so won't even be conscious, right? I mean, if new universes can only be created in a way that marginally shifts the likelyhood they will not be hell-worlds downwards... the gods seem weak. The way I see it, the singularity happened when the last ice-age subsided 10000 years ago.

  pdugan <> wrote:
  <SNIP> Furthermore, in an infinite
multiverse, its impossible to affect individual, that is finitely defined
universes, in any consistent manner, because the trillion universes you step
into and save are going to be a drop in the bucket against infinity.

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