Re: Atoms (was: Name Calling)

From: Heartland (
Date: Sun Mar 16 2008 - 16:32:08 MDT

> Thanks for your side of the history. You could be right. I've
> never heard him say, "Oops. Sorry, mistaken about that", or
> "sorry I gave the wrong impression", or "okay, the way *you*
> are using words, then..." or any similar concession. But alas,
> that applies to almost every bloody person on these lists :-(

How could I have acknowledged a mistake I had never made in the first place?

I've been talking about uniqueness of activity/process from day one and never
supported the idea that in order to survive I must maintain the same exact atoms I
was born with. That's ridiculous.

What happened was that Clark never grasped the difference between uniqueness of
atoms and uniqueness of activity/process. In his mind, one implies the other and
vice versa. And whenever I would attempt to explain to him that these things were
independent of each other, he would refuse to believe me and immediately skip to
name calling and ridiculing me for saying that maintaining the same exact atoms is
necessary for survival; something I never believed.

Imagine someone accusing you year after year that you've been trying to convince
the whole world that 3+4=46, and then refusing to believe you whenever you say you
never believed 3+4=46, let alone tried to convince anyone of this falsehood. What
would you do?


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